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Welcome to the Fire Department, Katelyne!
Name: Katelyne Merza 
Age: 22 
Instagram: @themerzak 
Katylene Merza is a fearless, fun and fashionable woman who we admire and love for her outfits and outlook on life. To know a part of her life is such a pleasure and privilege. Someone who fights for her individuality and stands for what she believes in, this girl with the pastel-dyed locks will go far, and we will be cheering for her all the way up.

I’m a Woman On Fire because I do what I want to do and don’t let anyone stand in my way. I keep a positive mind set and try to filter out any negativity others feel towards me.
I have a fire for fashion, beauty, and art.
The words I live by “All I can do is be me, whoever that… Read the rest

Aug 26, 2014 | 157 views

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Welcome to the Fire Department, Elodie!
Name: Elodie
Blog/Page/Profile Links:
Blog Link:


I’m a Woman On Fire because I’d do anything to do what I love and to get what I want.
I have a fire for fashion, creating, photography, art and travels.
I’ve always dreamed about living in the USA, in Los Angeles or New York.
My number one enemy in life- waking up early in the morning.
The jealous and the hypocrites are not worth my time.
Shoes and Bags are my secrets to staying happy.
I have guilty pleasures in sweets and chocolate.
I take care of my health by sleeping a lot on weekends.
I wish I’d stop touching my hair all day long.
I’m totally obsessed with my appearance.
The greatest thing I’ve learned in life is to only trust myself.
The way to reach… Read the rest

Aug 26, 2014 | 148 views

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A year ago, Ioana Laura, a fashion designer, who was featured as one of the fashion bloggers definitely worth following and also one of the first fashionistas to be featured in Women On Fire Club.

She  imparted her life and dreams with us, and now she shares an accomplishment that we hoped one day she would reach.

ICY! It all started as a dream, a thought and a way of expressing myself. I’ve always loved clothes, but at one point throughout these years I’ve realized that what I would love more is to actually bring the fashion out on the streets. Being able to look throughout the millions of styles out there and choose the ones that represent me is indeed a dream come true. A couple of weeks after I’ve finished university I’ve realized I want to do something different than working in an advertising company.… Read the rest

Jun 10, 2014 | 846 views

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Welcome to the Fire Department, Jeannie!
Name: Jeannie Yeoh
Age: 25
Occupation: Assistant Buyer
Instagram: @jeannieyeoh

My name is Jeannie Yeoh and I can say that my quarter life crisis year is off with a really good start. As a woman in my twenties I’m just starting to build my life. After all the time and effort put into school and graduating with a degree in fashion design I’m ready to start using my skills. Besides fashion I’m also a very creative person and enjoy sewing and drawing although that doesn’t happen much now with work and everything else. I’m a people person and love making new friends and I think my blog has definitely helped with that.

A real woman is someone who “acts like a lady but thinks like a boss”.… Read the rest

May 07, 2014 | 1,099 views

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Welcome to the Fire Department, Cecile!
Name: Cécile Mazel
Age: 20
FB Fanpage:

I am Cécile, a french girl who lives in Nice. I’m no longer a student  and I had my second year diploma in business. I want to improve my english, so I am leave for Seattle from London where I am now.
I am taking a little job in a coffee and retail shop to pay my rent and survive in a very expensive London lifestyle. I love to go shopping, so check out my blog, fashion bloggers 
I love food as well. I came from a family in the south of France (Nice) where we like to eat good food! I really like traveling with my friends or boyfriend when I have time and money. I love discovering new countries, meeting new people and seeing what’s happening… Read the rest

May 02, 2014 | 1,308 views

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