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If you love singing, you have to make sure to get the best quality microphones because these will give you a nice quality sound and can also improve your voice. Having great microphones will result to a happy and enjoy activity with your friends and family. So make sure to buy them now while there are still Christmas Promos in different stores and online shops.… Read the rest

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 Welcome to the Fire Department!
Alexandra Shut, 23, Kazakhstan
All I want is world peace and an everlasting summer.

A real woman has personality.
I have a fire for love and miracles.
I’m totally obsessed with fashion. It’s my passion.
The greatest thing I’ve learned in life: You do not know what will happen tomorrow. I believe in kindness and love. I believe that some things happen independently of us. I think I’m a fatalist. Sometimes fate intervenes in our plans.
The way to get what you want is to work hard!
What makes me an imperfect person:  procrastination and daydreaming.
Song that gets me up The Script feat. Will.I.Am – Hall of Fame 
One thing a woman should always keep in mind: A smile changes everything.

My favorite body part is the clavicle.… Read the rest

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Welcome to the Fire Department!

Terri-Lea, 24, Australia
XRF Laboratory Technician

I am a sand groper (West Australian).
I have a fire for writing my story and exposing the truth.
A real woman is a girl that has embraced every part of herself and accepted her flaws for nothing more than they are, small part of what make her unique and beautiful.
In my free time, I write.
Mondays are flying day (I work a fly in fly out mine job and fly to or from work on Mondays).
A typical day in my life is chaotic.
The most important thing in my life right now, for the first time, is me.
I’ve always dreamed about unconditional love.
My number one enemy in my life is myself.
It saddens me that it seems human nature to crave control.
I stay strong by reaching out for… Read the rest

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Women On Fire Club Weekender,
29th of November

N ü N  V I S I T S A K
F A S H I O N  B L O G G E R
How are you?
I’m awesome, thanks! Been super busy!
What’s you latest fashion splurge?
Shoes. As always.
Are you in love? If so, what do you love about your partner?
Yes, I am! He’s genuine, supportive, protective, and extremely loving!
How are you as a significant other?
Loving and loyal!
Why do you think women cheat?
For the same reasons that men cheat!
Do you include your own secrets in your works?
Nope, if I had something to say, I’d just come out and say it.
How do you keep yourself healthy?
I’m trying to be healthier! I’m the kind of person that really hates healthy food and all kinds of vegetables. But… Read the rest

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Welcome to the Fire Department!

Funke Adesanya
Medical Science Student/Fashion Blogger

All I want is world peace and a happy life.

A real woman is any woman that can carry the weight of the world on their shoulders and still smile.
I have a fire for fashion and style.
My art is about expressing ones self through clothes.
I look up to Oprah  because she has influenced so many women though her inspiring words and advice.
In my free time, I sleep and style new outfits.
Mondays are stressful because the day seems to drag on with more and more work to do.
A typical day in my life is very busy trying to balance university work, social life, and blogging.
The most important thing in my life right now is my education. Knowledge is Power.
I’ve always dreamed about my wedding hahahahaha
My number one… Read the rest

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