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Naomi Kurashige, 22, Writer

All I want is world peace and a pet elephant.

 Will Work For smiles on the faces who deserve to.

I’m a Woman On Fire because I know what I am made of, what I am not and the fact that I
am not willing to settle for any less makes me hottest of the hottest girls.
A real woman is one who is independent on all counts.
I take inspiration from almost everywhere, but especially from the people I meet.
I have a fire for providing another view from these rose tinted eyes of mine.
I look up to Emile C. Cioran because he dared speak about topics no one in his
generation dared to, and stood for what he believed in.
In my free time, I look for bootleg remixes on Soundcloud, read articles online, and am… Read the rest

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An electric guitar cable is fundamental in my life as a musician. Not only do I need one that lasts but it has to be efficient and reliable enough so my band’s performance isn’t ruined. Sometimes, I let a bandmate search online but I decide which ones to buy, just as I decided to get one that doesn’t cost so high. I’m happy with my latest electric guitar cable purchase.… Read the rest

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Nikki G Diaz, 28
All I want is world peace and a New York Times Bestseller
Will Work For champagne.
A real woman is one who knows her worth
I’m a Woman On Fire because I’ve finally understood that what the world wants you to be doesn’t really matter. It’s up to you.
I take inspiration from my experiences. I have a curiosity that has often got me in to some tricky situations, but has made for some great content.
I look up to Pablo Neruda because he is a Chilean poet (my parents are both Chilean) that received a Novel Prize for Literature.
In my free time, I love to lounge around at home, like a languid pussycat.
The thought of breakfast gets me up in the mornings.
The most important thing in my life right now are my loved ones.
I’ve always dreamed… Read the rest

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I can’t ask for more than this one mic that lasts longer than any other mic would. As a singer, I need to practice a lot and be prepared for any technical problems that could occur anytime during my performance. This one amazing Shure SM58S Mic with switch is what I always bring along tours and short performances. Its size is perfect as it sounds and I can’t wait to use it on my next show!… Read the rest

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H.U. , 21, Law Student
(also Poetess)

Instagram: @thatgirlfrombrooklyn
About my poetry and me I have been writing all my life, to combine my sane and insane sides. I just started posting my work on social media and the response and love and encouragement is very positive and has given me a lot of confidence. I wish that people can connect with my words or they can at least help a few people. I would want to publish a book one day; it is a long way to reach there. With my career, I am a law student and I love it to bits. I also take up courses to help me stay connected with art and these two things are what I most love. People ask me why I didn’t just take up art and all I have to say is, I never wanted to make it a… Read the rest

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