dar1Welcome to the Fire Department, Daria!

Name: Daria Ananeva
Age: 23

Occupation: Fashion Journalist, Stylist


Blog: http://indeedbydaria.wordpress.com

Lookbook: http://lookbook.nu/darinany


True to her own style, Daria walks confidently knowing what she wants and living life to the fullest by doing what she loves and by being loved by someone close to her heart. Open to learning as time flies, her world never stops. She continues to evolve both as a woman on fire and a real woman in this busy, changing, and fired up earth.





A real woman is a woman who can change every day.

I’m a Woman On Fire because… “She’s just a girl, and she’s on fire, Hotter than a fantasy, lonely like a  highway. She’s living in a world, and it’s on fire, Feeling the catastrophe, but she knows she can fly away”.

I have a fire for  fashion.

The words I live by “this day is your last day”.

In my free time, I read books about fashion & watch movie of Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn

One thing a woman should always keep in mind- you are beautiful!

The most important thing in my life right now is self-development.

I’ve always dreamed about a job in Australian Harper’s Bazaar =)

My number one enemy in life is laziness.

Doing what I really love is my secret to staying happy.

 I take care of my health by healthy food, natural  suntan, favorite work.

 I’m totally obsessed with Cabri-ferrari since my childhood.

Maybe my smile and feeling of life, style, movie, books and music makes me hottest of the hottest girls.

I feel so sexy when I see it in eyes of my man.

The most adventurous thing I’ve done?  I`m too ashamed to remember it, but it was all for love

I wish I had more time to learn fashion.

I’m happy because I found myself and my real place in the world.

The way to reach your dreams is to dream! Just dream day by day and work for it

What makes me an imperfect person is… I shouldn`t think like this =)

I take inspiration from nature, my day, talented Russian women, fashion icons from the past, or simply internet =)

Love or career? Love.

Housewife or careerwoman? Careerwoman.


I’m most beautiful when I’m happy.

I dress for myself & tribute to fashion&style.

Fashion is important because it gives you the right to express without words.

My fashion icon is Grace Kelly.

My style philosophy is Every day is a new role, new style.

A woman should never leave the house without bags!

The scent I wear is Clear Body!

My favorite body part/s legs.

Shopping online or Shopping on feet ? Shopping on feet.

I love to invest in shooooooes!

The role of shoes in my life… make me feel happiest person in the world=)



A girl should never tell a man that without him she is nothing.

Im attracted to guys who respects himself and his woman.

It’s damn right sexy when a guy wears a perfect suit.

My ideal man is my man.

Being in a relationship feels like you have nothing to fear and everything is possible to overcome.

The ingredients for a happy relationship are respect, trust and loyalty.

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