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Hi, everyone! My name is Kostantina and I’m not really a twenty-something woman anymore. I am 30 years old! But I feel like 20! I’m half Armenian, half Bulgarian and I´ve  lived in Germany for 10 years. My dad was a Jazz drummer, so he was travelling all around the world! Because of my parents I can say that my sisters and I are very cosmopolitan people!I’m really, very grateful for that. This shaped me, made me eager for knowledge since I was young. Art, music, movies, different cultures and languages, exploring new tastes or reading world literature was not foreign for me. I had always a lots of interests and sometimes it is very hard to concentrate on one thing! This is probably my biggest flaw! As I was a child I wanted to become an archaeologist! During my high school time, I wanted to become an interior designer. At school, I wanted to study art, but my biggest dream was always to be an actress! As I came to Germany, we always had some jokes with my sister: It is definitely easier to become famous in Germany than in Bulgaria! So as I stayed here. I had to tell myself: everything is possible, you can become everything you want to be! After a while, when the daily routine catches you up and the years are passing by and you had
realized that only having a dreams is not enough, all this can push you down! But, what I had learned is, that it is never too late for a changes! And you have to dare, to fight for your dreams, even if you are frustrated or if it’s hard. I have got the biggest luck in my life, to have the best family in the world!!! They support me and I can count on them always, no matter what happen. And when I’m down and I doubt myself I always take a look at my husband, my sweet puppy Doxie, my sisters and the worries are becoming even smaller. I already achieved the most important thing. Now I just need a fabulous job. And every day I´m learning, right from the start, to believe in me and not to give up!





A real woman is sovereign.

I’m a Woman On Fire because I keep dreaming!

The words I live by…  it’s never too late for changes!

In my free time, I… blog.

My number one enemy in life is myself (sometimes!)

I stay strong by  family support.

The most challenging experience I’ve ever had… to overcome my lovesickness!

The last time I broke down was when I had job stress!

The greatest thing I’ve learned in life is everything happens twice!

I wish I had more time to read books.

In regards to how I look at life, I see my glass as –half-full.

The way to get what you want is to… be stubborn.

The thing that seriously scares me… that people are getting more mentally lazy.

The way to reach your dreams is to work hard and believe harder!

After a downfall, I get up by myself!

Tears are liberating!

I take inspiration from my fantasies.

I’ve always dreamed about winning an Oscar!

The most important thing in my life right now…my dog!

One thing a woman should always keep in mind… trust in yourself!





Fashion is important because it’s everywhere!

I love to invest in handbags!

I’m totally obsessed with fashion magazines!

I dress to kill! PS: I love this Movie!

I feel so sexy when I wear high heels.

I’m most beautiful when I feel good.

My favorite body parts are my eyes.





Marriage is beautiful!

Ex-boyfriends are part of your life!


Brief, but truly straight-to-the-point. that’s why we love Kostantina. Don’t forget to follow her blogs. 

Do comment and share if you like this post. XO



  • Julia Vedeshina

    loved all the outfits, especially the first one so relaxed and chic x


  • Любина Бозукова

    Стилна и красива. Дерзай момиче! Чакаме новите ти публикации.

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