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Name: Epp-Maria

Age: 20

Occupation:Freelance Fashion Journalist




My story begins in my childhood – I had a very complicated family and therefore I lived with my grandparents. They were very strict and old-fashioned so I couldn’t express myself in any ways – everything had to be the way they like it (for example I couldn’t wear heels, dresses, skirts etc).  I had a lot of fire in me, many ideas, passions and strive but thanks to them it was all put away and I forgot about it. After finishing my high school I finally had the chance to show who I am! My boyfriend helped me a lot in this part because my confidence was close to zero. I didn’t believe in myself, my beauty, my ideas – I didn’t even know what I wanted to do or what I like! That’s what happens if you put down a person for a very long time.

After moving away from home – it was about 1,5 years ago – I got the chance to express myself and find out who I am. It has been a struggle and still is, considering I’m still very young! Confidence for me is the number one thing in life that can make you do incredible things but it’s not always easy to find it. I think it all begins if you tell yourself you are okay the way you are and you don’t need to change. I’ve finally accepted that and I can truly say once you realize your abilities, you can do great things! All you need is some faith in yourself – no one else. Whatever you do or where you go, always keep the head high like telling the world “here I am – I am magnificent and that’s the way it is!“ .

That’s where my blog comes in. It has taught me a lot, has been kind of a diary of evolultion and now I only wish to inspire others with what I do.  I don’t want anyone to feel less that they are and therefore my number one goal is to share the confidence. Being a bigger “ fashion blogger I’m showing that you can do whatever you love and there are no boundaries – only you can set borders to your actions, but no one else. Though I’m not certain about the future yet I try to be more courageous every single day and fulfill all ideas – who knows, maybe one of the ideas might change the life! Currently I’m working on my blog, trying to reach higher with that and besides that I’m working with my fiance on a new business plan that might turn out great. We are young but we have dreams and who says we can’t fulfill them! Life is a beautiful journey filled with unexpected things but none of them is bad. Here’s my point of advice to you: don’t hesitate. Never. Keep going, keep climbing and you’ll reach high!


A real woman is confident and loves herself.

I’m a Woman On Fire because I strive for the dreams and nothing can stop that.

I have a fire for  Fashion, definitely fashion.

I look up to the confident part of myself because you can achieve great things if you are your own motivation.

The words I live by- Wins the one who believes in winning.“

In my free time, I educate myself or work with my hobbies.

A typical day in my life is- After waking up I usually have my morning coffee and breakfast that is sided by scrolling through my blogroll, if necessary I do other blog-related things (answering to e-mails etc).  During the day I’ll have photoshoots for preparing the material for posts and after shooting + strolling on the city I go home, have a nice meal, watch movies with my sweetie or finish up the blog post.

The most important thing in my life right now is to find the courage to fulfill my dreams.

I’ve always dreamed about having my own boutique.

My number one enemy in life is myself.

I stay strong by telling myself to be confident and strong or I count on my sweetie to help me with staying strong.

The most challenging experience I’ve ever had was my childhood.

Critical and mean people are not worth my time.

Smiling is my secret to staying happy.

I have guilty pleasures in food!

I take care of my health by controlling my actions and what I do to my body.

I wish I’d stop craving for sweets so much.

I’m totally obsessed with chocolate and shoes! And everything glittery.

The last time I broke down was a while ago.

The greatest thing I’ve learned in life is you create your life inside your mind. The way you feel is the result of your mind.

True friendship is unconditional.

 I maintain confidence by treating myself in the best way possible.

I wish I had more time to concentrate on things I love.

In regards to how I look at life, I see my glass as –half-full

The way to get what you want is to believe in it.

The thing that seriously scares me is failing.

I’m happy because I choose to.

When I can look at my home and life and think “wow, I created all of this” is when I truly consider myself as successful and fulfilled as a woman.

The way to reach your dreams is to climb higher.

Tears are necessary for healing.

What makes me an imperfect person are my flaws .

I take inspiration from everywhere – from the streets, from the magazines…

My struggles as a woman include finding the self-confidence and power to be courageous.

Family is number one.

My school/work philosophy is planning leads to victory!

Song that makes me love my job life even more and work harder- Imagine Dragons – It’s time

Love or career? Both together.

Housewife or careerwoman? Careerwoman

Define naked. Being in your most vulnerable self.

How naked can I get? Completely.

How can a woman on fire reach her dreams? Dream it, believe it, achieve it.

One thing a woman should always keep in mind- stay classy, never trashy.


I’m most beautiful when I believe it so.

My favorite body part- my upper body.

My fashion icons are Chanel, Tamara Gonzales Perea, and Paloma Faith.

My style is to dress like a chameleon.

Fashion is important because it’s a way of life!

A woman should never leave the house without her confidence.

I love to invest in quality items.

I feel so sexy when I put on heels, a dress and beautiful make-up.

The role of shoes in my life- I spend my whole life in them so – they have to be the best.

I have insecurities about my body and appearance and I deal with it by telling myself it’s okay to be me.

I dress for everyday. Dress every day like it’s party!

Shopping online or Shopping on feet ? On feet, for sure.

The scent I wear is Versace – Bright Crystal



How to set a man on fire is to show him you’re a woman.

Im attracted to guys who have personality.

It’s damn right sexy when a guy is gentle.

My ideal man is already here.

Being in a relationship feels like magic.

A girl should never tell a man what to do.

Ever cheated? Never have, never will.

Online dating is possible ;)

Ever been hurt? We all have.

I moved on by going further.

The ingredients in a happy relationship- love, trust, communication.

The most important thing a guy should know about me- I’m a Leo.

Ex-boyfriends are “whoops“ies.

Best thing I learned in past/present relationships- If it doesn’t feel right, tell it.

If a guy cheated on me, I would never talk/see him again. The closest he can get to me is at the door.

If I could wish for a husband, I’d choose- I wished for him and got him!


We’ve always loved a girl who knows he flaws yet she manages to make he plans work. Cheers to this lovely and amazing woman. May all he great dreams come true. And may she always believe in herself. xo


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  • Julia Vedeshina

    nice and inspirational x


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